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DianaMuenz Chen

"I am passionate about assisting you to grow and have what you want in your life." 

I grew up in the suburbs of St. Louis. When I was 19, I decided to move to Boston, which proved to be a great city for me. I fell in love with jazz dance there, so much so, that I ended up being a professional jazz dancer, dance teacher and choreographer.


When I was in my late 20's, to further my professional dance career, I moved to New York City. However, the Divine had something else in mind for me: I sat in a spiritual development circle with Clifford Bias, who was the grand daddy of a lot of New York City channels and mediums. In this circle, I started to meditate and to meet some of my spirit guides. I loved being with the spirits. In 1985, I took a channeling class to learn the skill of channeling. After that, I practiced channeling everyday to get better at this skill.

A year later, my guides told me to start channeling professionally. I checked with my channeling teacher and he concurred. In 1986, I began to channel for other people and have had a private practice since that time. I've been channeling my higher self, affectionately called Lady Diana, for over 35 years now. To the delight of many people, Lady Diana loves to sit and chat, as she talks to them about their goodness and their challenges, plus answers their important questions. Archangel Michael is ever present, leading our classes through wonderful instruction, energy work and inspired meditations.

During the time I've had a private practice, I've taught classes and I've learned different techniques to assist people:


My Teaching Experience

  • Channeling: Founded Open Heart School in 1988, a channeling school; includes channeling workshops, private and semi-private lessons, ongoing classes

  • Healing: Part of teaching staff at Barbara Brennan School of Healing; assistant at the Somatic Experiencing Beginner Training; leading Healing Meditations with Archangel Michael

  • Spiritual Classes: A visiting scholar at Columbia University in 2014 and 2017, leading spiritual education classes with Archangel Michael, such as Anatomy of the Soul

  • Author: Channeling textbook Channeling: The Heart & The Art,  available on this website; Know Your Soul: Bring Joy to Your Life available on this website and on Amazon in Kindle and paperback

  • Lecturing: At many expos and conferences in the United States

My Credentials

  • Degree in Spiritual Counseling: Ordained by Rabbi Gelberman as an Interfaith Minister at the New Seminary in 1992; officiate at weddings and funerals

  • Degree in Hands-on Healing: Graduated 4 year training in healing science in 1993 at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing

  • Certified Core Energetics Counselor: Graduated 4 year training at the Core Energetics Institute East in 2000- body and spiritually based technique

  • Somatic Experiencing Practitioner: Graduated 3 year training at the Somatic Experiencing Institute in 2010; technique that moves trauma out of nervous system

  • Bachelor of Science in Healing Arts

A Few Highlights:

  • Lectured all over North America and has been featured in numerous media venues, from print and radio to television

  • Featured in primetime NBC special called "Psychic Attractions" with Shirley MacLaine and anchorwoman Sue Simmons 

  • Founded branch of the Open Heart School in Toronto



Diana is a superb channel, spiritual teacher and energy healer. Working with her for almost 2 decades has not only been easy and insightful but a great aid to my spiritual development. I couldn’t recommend her services more highly.

David A. Schwerin, Ph.D.

Author: Conscious Globalism

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