Diana Muenz Chen is one of New York City's top Trance Channels. She has professionally channeled for over three decades- connecting to her spirit guides, higher self and working closely with Archangel Michael. As a channel, Diana can offer guidance that is invaluable and literally out of this reality.  

Private Trance Sessions

What is Channeling?

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Why does someone have a trance session?

You can be drawn to have a trance session for various reasons. You may be at a crossroads or a turning point in your life. Perhaps you need insight into the dynamics of a relationship. Guidance about your past lives or assistance with meditation and prayer can be what draws you to a trance session. We all need support at times in our lives. My guides and I hold the atmosphere of healing so the trance session is deep and can affect you in life changing ways. Enter the session with this depth of work in mind.

I am deeply honored to know Diana, to be a client, and to have her as one of my teachers. You will receive incredible heart-touching support from Diana. She has dedicated her life to helping those on earth create and manifest a strong connection with the spirit realm. - Tara, Pennsylvana


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How can a Private Trance Session assist you? 

  • You feel you’re at a crossroads or a turning point in your life and need some direction.

  • You’re in a relationship and can’t figure out what to do.

  •  You’d like guidance about some important, confusing or stressful situation.

  • You feel stuck and need to move forward again.

  • You want confirmation about decisions you’ve already made.

  • You want to hear what your higher self wants to tell you.

  • You want to know what your life purpose is.

Practical & Real Life Changes! Diana's private channeling sessions helped me to not have emotional reactions, to stay calm in overwhelming situations, and to proceed with emotional intelligence like never before.  - Alexandria Tava, Singer-Songwriter, NYC

Alexandria Tava

New York City

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Frequently Asked Questions



The private session has three segments:


First Segment:


I channel spirit healers that help you relax, get centered and clear your personal energy field (aura) in preparation for the session.

Second Segment:


My higher self gives you a message from your higher self. The message is most often about what you’ve chosen to heal in the next few months.

Third Segment:


My higher self answers the questions you prepared for her. You may prepare up to ten questions for the hour session. If you reserve more than an hour, you can prepare more questions.




How do sessions work? 


Both in-person & long distance sessions are available. 

In-person sessions take place at Diana's office located at: 


Office Location:

226 East 87th Street #2D 

New York, NY 10128 



Long distance sessions can take place over the

phone, Skype, or Zoom video conference. 


Payment Options







When I began working with Diana, I started to get very excited about life. What I appreciated and valued most about Diana was her presence, her compassion, her strong boundaries, which quickly allowed me to trust her, and her incredible skill and passion for her work.  - Jennifer, New York


New York City

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Are you Interested in Working with Diana Privately for Lessons?

Diana is excellent at helping you get past blocks to your channeling, confirming who you're channeling and teaching you new channeling skills, plus much more!

Private Trance Sessions

Couples Trance Sessions

Channeling Workshops

Receive a message from your Higher Self. Get answers to your important questions.

$131...30 min

Paypal service charge: $6





$208...60 min 

Paypal service charge: $8

With the couples trance session, people come to a deeper, more intimate understanding of each other and will know how to support the other person. 


                        $250...60 min

Paypal service charge:  $10

Explore channeling your Higher Self, Soul and Spirit Guide. Get confirmations while you're channeling. Learn how to sense your source of guidance more accurately. Become more confident with channeling.

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