Channeling: The Heart & The Art

This textbook is your complete reference for connection to the spirit realm. Whether you want to channel for yourself or become a professional channel, you will refer to this textbook again and again.

You will discover how to:

  • Connect to the spirit world safely

  • Meditate to calm and center yourself

  • Ground yourself to the Earth

  • Differentiate between you and your source of guidance

  • Write, speak, draw, paint, channel healing energy and move with your source of guidance

  • Set up a professional channeling practice

  • Channel for groups

  • Add channeling to your practice

  • And much, much more

Channeling: The Heart & The Art 

Channeling: The Heart & The Art is an accessible, step-by-step guide to channeling that demystifies contact with the spirit realm.


If you're a beginner, you'll find easy to understand exercises and practical worksheets to help you begin channeling. If you're a professional, you'll use the same tools to incorporate channeling into your current practice.


This book is a how-to manual: how to explore communication with spirit beings, how to channel on a semiconscious level, how to psychically sense the spirit realm, how to merge channeling and other healing arts, how to contact dead relatives and much more, explained in a simple, straightforward fashion.


This state of the art book is full of exciting new ideas. You'll even read a chapter Diana's spirit guides wrote, talking about their experience channeling through a human being!

You are taught down-to-earth specifics about how to channel your higher self and soul, as well as spirit guides, dead relatives, dead animal companions, the Divine and other energies—while remaining grounded in this reality.


*If you live outside the US,  there is additional shipping charges for delivery of book. Please email Diana for instructions: 

Diana Reads Excerpt from Chapter 5-

Relationships Guides Can Have with Humans

Diana Reads Part of Chapter 5 - Diana Muenz Chen
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Finally, a reliable and respectful textbook on channeling. Thank You. 

Pat Rodegast, Channel, Emmanuel's Book Series

I’ve read a number of channeling books and will say that your's is the best I’ve seen. Excellent information.

Joan A.

Ms. Muenz has created a book so huge in its scope and yet so accessinle to the reader that I truly believe anyone can learn how to channel from reading Channeling: The Heart & The Art. It is fascinating, intimate and extremely user-friendly. 

Karyne B. Wilner, Psy. D.

Assistant Director, Institute of Core Energetics East

This is a profound and innovative tome on how to learn and carefully practice the art of successfully connecting to higher self, spirit and spirit guides...Ms. Muenz Chen also provides useful information to assist with remediation of some Dissociative states through spiritual physical practices and how to avoid some of teh psychological issues inherent in practicing trance channeling. 

Edward Baruch, M.D.

Hands-On Healer

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