New York City's Premier Channeling School

Channeling is a lifelong skill that can be used in everyday life. Just imagine:

  • What life would be like if you needed to make a decision and you received specific information to help you.

  • If you were not feeling well and you could receive a free healing instantly.

  • If you connected to your soul and found out about your life's purpose. 

  • You connected to your deceased mom and talked with her again.

  • All of this is possible for you plus more when you learn how to channel! 


Diana Muenz Chen has over 34 years of experience teaching channeling. She has seen that everyone can learn how to channel. Her expertise and deep desire to share the joys of channeling has led her to begin her Channeling School in New York City, along with Archangel Michael.


  • Ongoing Class tuition is $50US/class, which is $100US per month.

  • Private Channeling Classes are $200US/hour.

  • Semi-Private Class tuition is based on the number of students in the class.

Students who are really interested in learning how to channel are invited to attend the Free Channeling Class, which is the introduction to the Open Heart School.


From there, students have a few paths to choose from to learn the basics of channeling:

 Option #1
Attend a basic channeling workshop-

either in-person or Zoom one day class or two evening online classes that cover channeling your Higher Self, Soul and Spirit Guide

 Option #2
Attend four Private or Semi-Private Channeling Lessons


Whether you take the basic workshop or, the four Private or Semi-Private Lessons, you will learn how to expand your energy field and connect to your Higher Self, Soul and one of your Spirit Guides. Archangel Michael and Diana confirm what you are doing when you are actually doing it, which is invaluable. You also learn how to channel safely.


Ongoing Channeling Classes are your next step after learning the basics. These classes consistently teach you how to move your ego into the background so it becomes an observer and doesn’t interfere with incoming guidance. There are in-person classes held in New York City and long distance classes accessible by Zoom or US conference call. An International Ongoing Channeling Class now meets on Thursdays.


Archangel Michael is the present spirit teacher for the Open Heart School. In June 2014 and again in December 2017, Michael and Diana were invited to bring the teachings of the Open Heart School to Columbia University, as visiting scholars at Columbia’s Spirituality Mind Body Summer Institute’s graduate program.





Diana is a very gifted healer, channel and teacher. Working with her, I healed past traumas, found my own gifts and my purpose in life. I wholeheartedly endorse her. 



Channeling means the world to me - to connect with my deceased loved ones, receive healings, experience Source and learn how to converse with my guides as well as Archangel Michael. Diana's presence and guidance helped me to open my mind and heart to a new horizon and helped me to be at peace. 



Diana is a thoughtful, thorough and deeply committed teacher. I warmly recommend her to anyone interested in connecting to the spirit realm and their spiritual nature. 



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Channeling: The Heart & The Art 

A Guidebook for Developing Your

Relationship with the Spirit Realm 

Channeling: The Heart & The Art is an accessible, step-by-step guide to channeling that demystifies contact with the spirit realm.


If you're a beginner, you'll find easy to understand exercises and practical worksheets to help you begin channeling. If you're a professional, you'll use the same tools to incorporate channeling into your current practice.


This book is a how-to manual: how to explore communication with spirit beings, how to channel on a semiconscious level, how to psychically sense the spirit realm, how to merge channeling and other healing arts, how to contact dead relatives and much more, explained in a simple, straightforward fashion.


This state of the art book is full of exciting new ideas. You'll even read a chapter Diana's spirit guides wrote, talking about their experience channeling through a human being!

You are taught down-to-earth specifics about how to channel your higher self and soul, as well as spirit guides, dead relatives, dead animal companions, the Divine and other energies—while remaining grounded in this reality.


Meet  the Team 

Co-Creator, Instructor, and Trance Channeler 

Co - Creator & Teacher 

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