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Channeling: The Heart & The Art Workshop

Archangel Michael and Diana Muenz Chen


Come join Michael the Archangel and Diana Muenz Chen for an exciting day of short lectures and long experiences channeling your higher self, soul and spirit guide in a small group where you get a lot of personal attention. Your time will largely be spent channeling and receiving confirmation about what you’re doing in-the-moment from Diana and Michael. Diana’s complimentary channeling textbook entitled Channeling: The Heart & The Art will teach you all the basics you need to know beforehand.

Learn how to channel for yourself and have a lifelong skill:


  • Get answers to your most important questions


  • Receive free healings anytime you want; send healing energy to whomever you want, anytime you want


  • Find out your life’s purpose


  • Have personal contact with your higher self and soul


  • Become calmer and more centered

You’ll have lots of time to practice these techniques, so you fully understand them, and can continue to use the techniques on your own.


Upcoming Workshops


Channeling: The Heart & The Art

One Day Workshops

Sunday October 4, 2020

In person US workshop

 226 E 87St. #2D

New York, NY


10am-5/6pm ET







Via US Skype or Zoom video conferencing

Channel Your Higher Self and Soul

 Monday Apr 20, 2020

8pm-10:30pm ET


Channel Your Spirit Guide

Monday May 4, 2020

7-10pm ET


International Channeling Workshop:

Via Skype video conferencing

Sunday March 29, 2020

8am-3pm ET



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