Columbia University's Spirituality Mind Body Institute graduate summer intensive, June 2014 and 2017. 

Diana Muenz Chen, has been a professional channeler for over three decades, running a private practice, and co-founding the Open Heart School with Archangel Michael in 1988. Today, she offers her abilities to psychically sense what a student is doing as they channel, offers instant feedback to aid in self-mastery, and gives continual invaluable information, all to further assist one's personal growth and accomplishments as a channel. 

Private Channeling Lessons

 Coaching to Prepare for Channeling

COACHING SAMPLE - Archangel Michael and Diana Muenz Chen
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  • Who you're channeling, when?

  • How to relax your mind enough to channel?

  • How to channel safely and not connect to undeveloped beings?

  • How to tell if it's your source of guidance writing and speaking, or 
    your own ego?

  • How to channel healing energy?

  • How to be less spacy?

  • Or something else that's very important to you.




  • Incorporate channeling into your current professional practice?

  • Learn how to set up a professional channeling practice, including 
    such areas as record keeping, customer care, practice guidelines 
    and fees?

  • Learn about energy hygiene so you don't accumulate clients' released energy?

  • Learn how to set up channeling groups?

  • Learn much, much more you may never have even considered?


How do sessions work? 


Both in-person & long distance sessions are available. 

In-person sessions take place at Diana's office located at: 


Open Heart School 

226 East 87th Street #2D 

New York, NY 10128 



Long distance sessions can take place over the

phone, Skype, or Zoom video conference. 


Payment Options







Private Channeling Coaching 

Michael and Diana help you with any area of your channeling skills. For advanced channels.

$208 for 1hr

Paypal service charge: $8

Private Channeling Lessons

Four private lessons that teach you all the basics of channeling. The first two lessons are 2 hours long and the last two lessons are 1.5 hours long.

Channeling  Workshops

Open to channel in a safe environment and get confirmations about your channeling.

$312 for 1.5 hr

Paypal service charge: $12

$416 for 2hr

Paypal service charge: $16

While this is not the beginning of my journey as a channel, it is a 
critical outpost and I am so very grateful that I am now working 
with Diana to hone my skills and create an even greater degree of 
reliability, clarity, and discernment. What Diana has given me is 
a new insight into myself as a healer, more specifically as a 
mediumistic healer, one who goes into the outer world in order to 
bring enlightenment to the inner world and then spreads that 
through her own being, as it seeks itself in others. For me, this is 
the challenge of my life and my joy as well. It is a great honor to 
work with one as gifted as Diana, one who has challenged many 
of the same boundaries that I am challenging with a skill and 
grace that I too hope to achieve. I hold Diana with the deepest 
gratitude and respect for her skills both as a channel and a 
teacher, and for the exquisite beauty of her spirit which she so 
generously shares."  

Suzanne D.

New York, NY

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