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Michael leads amazing groups that will strengthen your spirituality.

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Michael's Beyond Level 3


Once you've completed Michael's Inner Circle of Friends Level 1, 2, and 3, you've spiritually advanced to the point of being able to join Archangel Michael's monthly, incredibly powerful spiritual lesson that is held on a Thursday night at 9pm EST. This group is via conference call. 

Class w/o Audio .... $33

Paypal service charge: $2 


Class w/ Audio .... $42

Paypal service charge: $2



Conference call attendance

Prerequisite: 3 Levels Inner Circle of Friends Lessons

Tuition: $33

Dec: 17

Jan: 21

Feb: 25

Mar: 25

Apr: 29

Basic and Advanced Soul Classes


Zoom Video Conferencing

Intimate Size Group

E-Mail Diana to register ASAP

Tuition: $50


TBA 2021

7pm-9pm ET


What you will learn during the lecture:

  • The parts of your Soul and Higher Self

  • How your  Soul interfaces with your body, personal energy field and Higher Self

  • How your Soul incarnates into body and how it transitions at death

What you will learn while channeling your Soul:

  • How to contact your Soul

  • Your personal signs that you are connected to your Soul

  • What you experience when you are clearly contacting your Soul

Tuition: $50

Paypal service charge: $4

3 Levels of Michael's Inner Circle of Friends

The focus of these three levels of spiritual lessons is to clear your personal energy field, to assist you to have a more conscious dialogue with your soul, to open you to your purpose in this life, to raise your vibration, plus much much more. Your work with Michael will be done remotely. Once we receive your tuition, we'll send you the ten written lessons with any accompanying recorded meditations via a Dropbox file in MP3 format. Occasionally, Michael will give you homework. You’ll go with Michael's flow and see what wonderful ways he creates to lead you forward. Be assured, there will be a lot of spiritual goodies! Michael requests the total enrollment fee be $50USD for the 10 lessons, which is $5USD per lesson.


I'm very excited to tutor individuals. I'm going to be including energy healing work/shifts, sounding to clear, lectures and more. I'll be creative and assist you to move deeply within you to contact your soul more readily. You need to commit to ten sessions, once a week. I offer it to you as a gift from the spirit realm. I've asked Diana's permission to be my administrator. You will donate $50 USD to her for the organization of my teachings. I'm confident that this amount will not deter you from joining our prestigious group. God Bless You.

Archangel Michael


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Michael's Inner Circle of Friends Level One

Tuition: $50
Paypal Service Charge: $5


Michael's Inner Circle of Friends Level Two 

Tuition: $50

Paypal Service Charge: $5


Michael's Inner Circle of Friends Level Three

Tuition: $50

Paypal Service Charge: $5


*After completion of this last level, you are qualified and invited to join Michael's Beyond Level 3 lessons held once a month. See above for the schedule. 


"Choose Love" Meditation - Archangel Michael
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"I am Loved" Meditation - Archangel Michael
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"Fill with Light" Meditation - Archangel Michael
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"Energy Boost" Meditation - Archangel Michael
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