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Ground Frequently

Archangel Michael:

"Staying close to the existence of your physical form through grounding as frequently as possible is a wondrous tool that aids your mission here on Earth. Your willingness to be open to life leads you forward to accomplish what your soul wishes you to do. Move forward with courage. God Bless You."

The illustration above is a drawing I made of my husband grounding to the Earth. This is in our book Channeling: The Heart & The Art, where we explain why grounding is so important.

Here's an excerpt from the beginning of the Grounding chapter:

"Everyone needs to be grounded, and no one more so than a channel. When you are grounded, you are aware of what’s happening in the moment. You are energetically connected to the earth. Your feet feel the ground beneath them. You sense a physical and energetic connection between all of your body parts: your head feels connected to your neck, your neck feels connected to your torso, and so on. When properly grounded, you can more easily handle emotional issues—your own or someone else’s—with self-possession and awareness. You feel focused on this reality and in touch with your feelings and thoughts in relationship to this reality. The energy movement of grounding is downward to the earth, not upward out of your body. When you are ungrounded you cannot live your life to the fullest, let alone be a healthy channel."


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