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Life Force Within You

Archangel Michael:

Hear God in each of your heart beats. Know you echo his embrace each time the blood surges through your body and the heat rises inside. You carry great Life Force within you. God Bless You."


We had a powerful Anatomy of the Soul Class with Michael this past Wednesday night. His healing was very strong as he helped people to experience their Soul during the stages of creating their body and their birth out of their mother- very moving and clearing for people. And, it amazed some that their Soul incarnated with so much JOY!

Be sure to join us while Michael is still offering this great class. The next long distance Anatomy of the Soul Class is on Sunday February 18th from 8pm-9:15pm ET. Come be with Michael for deep spiritual nurturing and bring along a friend or two. You can inspire others to make a big shift in their lives!

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