• Archangel Michael

Forgive Yourself

Archangel Michael:

"Forgiving yourself is a profound way of giving yourself a gift of love. Letting go of that which did not work well in your life and moving forward can only enhance your spiritual journey. God Bless You and your family this day."


I just emailed you the info about our new Soul book. Archangel Michael reveals new groundbreaking information. In it you can learn about:

How all our parts function and relate to each other: physical body, personal energy field, Higher Self, Line of Purpose, Soul

The nature of the Divine and how we fit into Creation

David and I reveal our reincarnation in the same body experiences

How our Soul creates an incarnation and physical body, and how it systematically reabsorbs all at the time of our death transition

What Soul lessons are like- real examples from our lives

How to connect to your Soul and learn your life's individual purpose



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