• Archangel Michael

Freshly Create

**Directions for the free healing tonight from 9pm-9:45pm ET below.

Archangel Michael:

"You have the ability to create life freshly every single day you live here on Earth. What will you create today? Manifest that which supports and nurtures you. Leave out the drama and pain. Instead, enjoy the lightness of life and the goodness. God Bless You."


Free healing tonight from 9pm-9:45pm ET. Here's what to do:

Take off your eyeglasses

Loosen anything tight on your body, such as a belt

Turn off your cell phone and place it at least 3 feet away from your body

Lay down with a blanket if you tend to get cold

Uncross your arms and legs

Relax the muscles of your body

Mentally let go of what happened in your day today, just like dropping a ball

Start to focus on your breath and make your breaths deeper

Make the commitment to yourself to receive the healing as much as you can

Take a bath or shower after the healing and before going to bed


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