Private Healings


Michael works with you personally, talking to you and giving you

healing energy right where you need it the most.

Be sure to check out the recorded meditations below!

Michael's Private

Healing Sessions 

During Michael's long distance healing sessions he has helped heal my TMJ, allergies, and vocal issues. Especially when I had to get ready to sing for a recording session or performance. His sessions can be used for practical purposes such as that as well as spiritual.

Alexandria, Singer-Songwriter, NYC

New York

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Michael facilitates half hour and hour long healing sessions and makes them uniquely designed specifically for you. These healings can assist you with spiritual, emotional, mental and physical imbalances. You can have your session in Diana's New York City office, through Zoom video conferencing or via Skype. 


Please email Diana to schedule your session with Archangel Michael. 


$125 .... 30 min 

Paypal Service Charge $6




$250 .... 50-60 min

Paypal Service Charge $11


"Choose Love" Meditation - Archangel Michael
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"I am Loved"Meditation - Archangel Michael
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"Fill with Light" Meditation - Archangel Michael
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"Energy Boost" Meditation - Archangel Michael
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