Quiet the Circus of Life

"Open your inner eye to the world within you for you have the All residing there. Not to be distracted by the circus of outlandish activity that seems to be everywhere these days, but to calm yourself inside, knowing God resides quite strongly inside you. You have the equipment to make it through this tumultuous time. Go inside my dears, go inside."

Walking to my office in New York City provides a real life example of what Michael's talking about: People rushing in front of me, mothers yelling at their children, homeless people searching through the sidewalk garbage, while others illegally trading something or other. In that slice of street chaos I encounter, I try my best to keep Michael's wisdom in mind...if I take an action, to Choose Love and if I choose not to take an action, to access my calm sanctuary within. In this way, I have a spiritual game plan to handle the circus of life as I make my way to my New York City office.

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Open Heart School ?

Created and instructed by Archangel Michael and Diana, as a team. We bring in your spirit guides to look one-on-one with you to help build intimate relationships between the physical and spirit realm for practical daily living. 

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Michael the Archangel's Soul Meditation Healing 

Strengthen your conscious connection to your soul. Simply follow Michael's directions. He will pause to give you energy transmissions. 

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