Give in Thanks

"Giving thanks is integral to your development. When you give in thanks, you recognize the exchange between you and another. This creates a bond shared and experienced. Each time this happens, you reflect God from within yourself, outward. God Bless You."

Archangel Michael gives to us in so many ways:

Michael's Healing Meditations

These are one hour guided meditations with powerful healing energy. You register for one Healing Meditation at a time. They are usually held once a month, on one Wednesday at 10am EST (conference call only) and one Friday at 6:30pm EST (in-person attendance or join via conference call). Recently, he's been teaching us the importance of receiving as well as giving, as a way to practice the spiritual lesson of surrender. In these groups, you can count on Michael to always strengthen your conscious bond with your soul. Come in person or join via conference call.

Michael's Inner Circle of Friends

These are three levels of spiritual lessons Michael has mapped out for you: Levels 1, 2, and 3. Each level contains ten lessons and the lessons build upon each other, as Michael helps you to get spiritually stronger step-by-step. Once you register, PDFs and MP3s are emailed to you so you can go through the lessons at your own speed.

Michael's Beyond Level 3 Lessons

After you've completed the three levels of Michael's Inner Circle of Friends, Michael leads you in furthering your spiritual growth. Lessons are held once a month on a Thursday night at 9pm EST via conference call. Recently, he has brought the soul consciously into every cell of the body and helped people to move forward in their lives with purpose from their soul.

To access upcoming dates and register for the above groups, please go to:

Please join me in thanking Archangel Michael for all he gives to us, including his daily words of wisdom. Also, I want to thank my Wednesday night ongoing channeling students for helping me with the descriptions of the above Michael groups. You're great!

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Strengthen your conscious connection to your soul. Simply follow Michael's directions. He will pause to give you energy transmissions. 

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