Energy Cleanliness

Archangel Michael:

"Cleanliness in nature is important to maintain health. So too is energetic cleanliness, keeping yourself clear of all debris and energetic blockages. Work on this when you can and as often as you can. God Bless You."


I've been accessing the part of my Soul that has created my physical body. The unconditional love I experience there is all-embracing and feels so incredible!

I hope to help you have the same experience. I hope you can join us tomorrow night for a short discussion about your Soul and then a long experience to contact the different parts of your Soul.

We meet from 8pm10pm ET via Zoom video conferencing. Tuition $100. Email me to register.

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Open Heart School ?

Created and instructed by Archangel Michael and Diana, as a team. We bring in your spirit guides to look one-on-one with you to help build intimate relationships between the physical and spirit realm for practical daily living. 

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Michael the Archangel's Soul Meditation Healing 

Strengthen your conscious connection to your soul. Simply follow Michael's directions. He will pause to give you energy transmissions. 

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