Contact Your Soul Workshop



What you will learn during the lecture:

  • The parts of your Soul and Higher Self

  • How your  Soul interfaces with your body, personal energy field, line of purpose and Higher Self

  • The step-by-step process of how your Soul incarnates into your physical body and how it reabsorbs energies at death

What you will learn while channeling your Soul:

  • How to consciously contact your Soul

  • Your personal signs that you are connected to your Soul

  • What you experience when you are clearly contacting your Soul

  • How to receive guidance from your Soul

  • Perhaps your purpose in this life and your next spiritual steps

The Advanced Level:

Two deep Soul meditations led by Archangel Michael to give you an experience of being immersed in your Soul. We will confirm your connection.

New Info Revealed by Archangel Michael 

Upcoming Webinar Dates


Basic Level

Wednesday November 11, 2020

7pm-9pm ET

Tuition:  $50 US

Paypal service charge: $2





Advanced Level


Monday November 16, 2020

7pm-9pm ET

Tuition:  $50 US

Paypal service charge: $2




both Zoom video conference

Intimate Size Groups


Know Your Soul:

Bring Joy to Your Life


Is a new thought provoking, heartwarming book that not only describes the origin, purpose and structure of the Soul, but provides instruction for connecting to your Soul.

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